PLANNING SYSTEMS provides coordination and management of projects through the local agency (cities in coastal San Diego County) and state (Coastal Commission) permit entitlement process.  We understand the planning process, coordinate plan preparation, prepare application packages, interface and negotiate with agency staff, coordinate CEQA review, and represent projects at public hearings.  We have prepared several Master Plans and Specific Plans.  We have land planners, a landscape architect and professional biologists on our staff.  We have done significant land use policy work including preparation of growth management plans, code amendments, public facility adequacy analyses, site development plans, conditional use permits, and local coastal program amendments.  We also prepare and process policy changes, such as zone changes and general plan amendments, master plan and specific plan amendments.  We prepare schedules of tasks, budgets and strategies in an effort to assist the client in decision-making.

PLANNING SYSTEMS has significant experience in providing interface with the Federal agencies and the public.  We have prepared and processed application packages for Federal Community Block Grant projects, in accordance with Federal CDBG regulations, on behalf of local agencies.  We have also organized and coordinated citizen participation workshops and community group meetings for projects or policy actions that may be of particular controversy.  We have created accurate visual simulations and public informational booklets to describe and portray projects in an accurate and comparative fashion.