Charles G. Evans, Land Planner, Landscape Architect.    Mr. Evans has over 25 years of experience in the field of land planning and ornamental landscape design, horticulture and native plant environments.  Mr. Evans is a California licensed landscape architect (LA #3900).  He is well regarded for environmental work with the Resource Agencies. 

For the past seven years, he has been the Director of Landscape Architecture at PLANNING SYSTEMS, serving public and private clients in traditional landscape architecture, biological assessments, native habitat planning, restoration, monitoring, and project planning.  Restoration project work includes:  Mitigation and Monitoring Program Design, coordination, Report Writing and Field Work, Habitat Enhancement Plan Design and Installation Observation, Native Plant Suppression Management Plans.  Native Plant community experience includes:  Diegan Coastal Sage Scrub, Southern Maritime Chaparral, Riparian, Wetlands and Vernal Pools.

Mr. Evans has a degree from Louisiana State University in Landscape Architecture.  Mr. Evans has been with PLANNING SYSTEMS since 1991 and has been involved in a great number of efforts from traditional landscape design to comprehensive native plant/habitat environmental assessment, habitat creation and remediation to specialized combined services which involve long term habitat monitoring and reporting.  He is equally well versed in the Southern California native environments as in ornamental design and planting. 


Eduardo Nava, Planning Technician.  Eduardo Nava heads up PLANNING SYSTEMS' mapping and graphics department which provides high-quality electronic-formatted graphics, including maps, cross-sections, and visual simulations based on ACAD and REVIT computer software.  Mr. Nava graduated from Mira Costa College in 2009 with an AA degree in Architectural Technology/Drafting.  He has eleven years' experience in computer graphics and computer software practice, most notably in AutoCAD, Revit and Photoshop.  Mr. Nava is able to adapt engineered plans and technical architecture and landscape information into two and three-dimensional graphics which is easily understood by the public and by the decision-makers.

Mr. Nava also prepares residential, commercial and industrial site plans, land use plans, and graphics associated with biological and environmental impact analyses.

Planning Systems Headquarters in Carlsbad


Thomas C. Hageman, President.    Mr. Hageman is the President and founder of PLANNING SYSTEMS.  Over 30 years of experience in land planning and policy processing in the public and private sectors has afforded Mr. Hageman a great deal of practical knowledge in a variety of land use topics.  The continued emphasis in the years since PLANNING SYSTEMS was formed has been to meet the goals of the client in and effective and efficient manner.  In most of the projects undertaken PLANNING SYSTEMS is a part of a team which pursues the clients' objectives.  Effective teamwork, problem solving and meeting clients' goals in a complex regulatory environment are a hallmark of the services offered by PLANNING SYSTEMS.  These are a reflection of Mr. Hageman’s approach to the business. 

Mr. Hageman is a California native with a degree in Urban and Environmental Studies from California State University, Dominguez Hills.  He began his professional career with the California Coastal Commission San Diego Region followed by 10 years with the City of Carlsbad leaving as a Principal Planner to form PLANNING SYSTEMS.  Mr. Hageman has represented many large developers, agencies and utilities on a number of entitlement and policy projects, coordinating the entitlement process, group workshops, and presenting before lead agencies and the Coastal Commission. 


Paul J. Klukas, Director of Planning.    Mr. Klukas has over 25 years of experience in the land planning and entitlements area.  He obtained a degree in Geography and Political Science from San Diego State University and studied environmental law at USD School of Law.  He began his planning career with the City of Carlsbad and was with the City for 5 years. Over the next 10 years he was the Director of Planning for one of the premiere Master Planned communities in Southern California, Aviara, in Carlsbad (Hunt Properties and Hillman Properties).  He was involved in the development from the raw land planning and permitting stages through implementation and development of the 2,000 acre site.  Following his tenure with Aviara he formed Klukas Consultants (land use and environmental planning) in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  This followed by tenure with PLANNING SYSTEMS beginning in 1996. 

Like Mr. Hageman, many years of experience in both the public and private sectors has provided Mr. Klukas with a diverse and comprehensive background in a variety of land planning and environmental categories.  Mr. Klukas is extremely well versed in the regulatory process, including the local jurisdictions, the Resource Agencies and the California Coastal Commission.  

Mr. Klukas manages and coordinates the entitlement permitting process from start to finish Mr. Klukas is particularly familiar with the entitlement requirements of Cities and agency jurisdictions within San Diego County, and the rules and regulations applicable to permit processing in this area.  Mr. Klukas is also experienced in coordinating project management, public information, provision of due diligence information, budgeting, detailed scheduling and coordination of public workshops and meetings.